Monday, November 15, 2010

Movie News Today

Darren Arnofsky has titled his Wolverine movie "The Wolverine" and delivers the strange/possibly distressing news that he will be treating it as an entity all its own. There's a rather substantial amount of mythos working within this project so there's cause for concern if he's going to shy away from it. But if he pulls it off...

It was pretty shocking when (SPOILER ALERT) "Dark Knight" writer/director Christopher Nolan killed off Maggie Gyllenhaal in "Dark Knight." That has led to quite a frenzy among some of Hollywood's elite leading ladies who have auditioned for the female lead in the third movie in the series.

So first Mel Gibson was going to cameo in "The Hangover 2." Then he was out. Then it was Liam Neeson who would be working the cameo angle. Then he also exited. Now it appears that none other than former President Bill Clinton may be making that cameo instead. Super weird.

Jean Claude Van Damme has signed on with producer Joel Silver to attempt a mainstream comeback. I have a love-hate relationship with JCVD. On the one hand, he's a TERRIBLE actor and all of his movies are awful. On the other, everything he's ever done is brilliantly tinted with unintentional comedy and they make for great late night fodder. So I'm rooting for you, JCVD.

My pal at Marshall and the Movies reviews "Morning Glory" and crushes my hopes by finding fault with the lovely Rachel McAdams. Sad day.

Saw "Due Date" over the weekend. Since I won't have time for a full on review for a while (work goes stinking crazy between here and Thanksgiving), my quick review: Funny. Not earth-shattering, genre-changing funny like director Todd Phillips' breakout "The Hangover" from last year. Too over the top, too outrageous. But funny. Zach Galifianakis is a superstar in the making. And as a long time fan of Zach going back to his appearances on Conan's Late Night: good for him. B.

Weekend Box Office Returns
Lots of movies trying to get their piece of the pie before "Harry Potter" regains control of the universe next week.
1. "Megamind" - $30.05 million ($89.76 million total)
2. "Unstoppable" - $23.5
3. "Due Date" - $15.53 ($59)
4. "Skyline" - $11.68
5. "Morning Glory" - $9.62
6. "For Colored Girls" - $6.75 ($30.92)
7. "Red" - $5.11 ($79.82)
8. "Paranormal Activity 2" - $3.05 ($82)
9. "Saw 3D" - $2.75 ($43.47)
10. "Jackass 3D" - $2.3 ($114.71)

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