Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Movie News Today

Looks like Michael Caine will be joining the cast of "HenryV", a mix of post-apocolyptic sci-fi and Shakespeare. Um, where does the line start?

Brad Pitt will try his hand at black comedy with "Cogan's Trade" in which he will play a mob enforcer. Pitt is a favorite here at the Soap Box and I think he'll excel in this role.

Matt Damon gives a brief thought on the script for "True Grit." Seriously cannot wait for this one.

The New York Times has a really cool article about NFL defensive end Trevor Pryce who has his eye set on Hollywood.

There is a serious lack of worthwhile news these days. I'll continue to pass it on when I can find it but we're in a down period right now for some reason.

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