Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Movie News Today - 6/8

"Indiana Jones 5" is on the way and it's possibly about the Bermuda Triangle. When you've just finished tackling aliens and flesh eating ants, is anything off the table?

Michael Fessbender may be in as Magneto in next year's "X-men" movie. The guy was awesome in "Inglorious Basterds" so no complaining from me.

The new "Muppets" movie will open Christmas, 2011.

Take an inside look at "The Goonies" 25th anniversary reunion in Astoria. Oh that I could have been there! Look for the Blu-Ray release in November, though.

365 days of Stromtroopers. I think that speaks for itself. Although, I do feel the need to say: I'm a nerd, sure, but whoever is in charge of this project is neeeeeerrrrd. There is a difference.

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