Tuesday, June 22, 2010

DVD Tuesday!

Green Zone (2010): Matt Damon, Brendan Gleeson, Greg Kinnear
A soldier in Iraq (Damon) gets fed up with the lack of proper intelligence concerning WMD and sets off on a quest for answers. Not a great movie by any means but decent enough and surprisingly unpreachy. Matt Damon is strong as always.

Remember Me (2010): Robert Pattinson, Emile de Ravin
Your typical boy-meets-girl romance with a twisted ending that strongly divided the critics. Honestly, I'm out anytime I see the words "Robert" and "Pattinson" pushed together. It's not his fault, really, he made a smart business decision to jump into the "Twilight" ridiculousness. But I'll never, ever be able to look past the insanity that follows him everywhere he goes. Don't care, out.

She's Out of My League (2010): Jay Baruchel
A super nerdy dude (Baruchel) somehow manages to attract the advances of an incredibly attractive model. His friends can't figure out how he's gotten so lucky and their effect begins to rub off on him. I really like Baruchel and wish him well, but this looked pretty mediocre.

The Last Station (2009): Christopher Plummer, Helen Mirren, James McAvoy
A look at the last days of Russian writer Tolstoy and the paparazzi that stalk he and his wife. Not personally interested but I've heard good things. And this movie brought Plummer, a seriously underrated actor, an Oscar nomination.

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