Tuesday, June 29, 2010

DVD Tuesday!

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010): Logan Lerman, Pierce Brosnan, Brandon T. Jackson
In the first movie based on the first book of the hit series, Percy Jackson discovers he's the son of the Greek god Poseidon and sets off on some crazy adventures. These books fall into the "meh" category of would-be "Harry Potter" fodder that so many Potter fans have turned to in the absence of new material. They're okay, but not must-read quality. This movie, on the other hand, is a heck of a lot closer to the low bar set by "Eragon" than anything else. It's the worst movie I've seen so far this year and I encourage anyone over the age of 12 to stay away.

Hot Tub Time Machine (2010): John Cusak, Craig Robinson, Rob Cordry
A group of middle-aged guys who regret how their lives have turned out end up at a Colorado lodge in a hot tub that, you guessed it, doubles as a time machine. They are transported back to 1986 where they attempt to re-do the screw ups of their pasts. This has been the biggest divider of the year; one of those movies that everyone either loves and raves about or hates and trashes, no in between. I love Cusak, I just wish he would take on a movie I could get behind.

Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage (2010), When You're Strange: A Film About the Doors (2010):
What a week for rock documentaries! Rush is one of the more influential rock bands of the last half century and seem to be making something of a comeback, or at least a resurgence. I've got a couple of buddies who are Rush enthusiasts and they are quick to point out the numerous pop culture references to the band that have become quite popular recently. I've never been a big fan of The Doors but they, too, have a cult following. This documentary is narrated by Johnny Depp and has received some great reviews.

New to Blu-Ray
Predator (1987): Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers
A cult classic that has spawned numerous (horrible) sequels, "Predator" is the classic example of a movie that was great in its day but hasn't held up so well. I was a bit obsessed with this movie as a teenager, as was just about any male anywhere near my age. I watched it recently, however, and was quite disappointed. Still, it has some value from both nostalgia and bad-awesome-action levels.

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