Sunday, June 20, 2010

Box Office Monday!

If you didn't see "Toy Story 3" this weekend you were most certainly in the minority of movie-going Americans. After an 11 year hiatus, the original Pixar team surged back into theaters with a $100+ million opening weekend, the third biggest of 2010 ("Alice in Wonderland" and "Iron Man 2"). In all honesty, though, I'm a little surprised it didn't haul in more, though it likely has more staying power than any movie released so far this year. When it's all said and done, I expect it will battle "Harry Potter" for highest grossing movie of the year. On the flip side, the other newcomer "Jonah Hex" bombed in EPIC fashion and will likely be seen only at discount theaters within 3 weeks. Ouch. You deserve better, Josh Brolin.

1. "Toy Story 3" - $109 million
2. "The Karate Kid" - $29 mil ($106.5 mil total)
3. "The A-Team" - $13.8 mil ($49.8 mil)
4. "Get Him to the Greek" - $6.1 mil ($47.9 mil)
5. "Shrek Forever After" - $5.5 mil ($223 mil)
6. "Prince of Persia" - $5.3 mil ($80.5 mil)
7. "Killers" - $5.1 mil ($39.4 mil)
8. "Jonah Hex" - $5.1 mil
9. "Iron Man 2" - $2.7 mil ($304.8 mil)
10. "Marmaduke" - $2.7 mil ($27.9 mil)

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  1. I'll tell you how big Toy Story 3 was: We actually saw it on its opening weekend. We NEVER do that.


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