Monday, November 7, 2011

Trailers! Trailers! Trailers!

Not the typical Movie News Today but I've missed a couple of good trailers over the last few weeks so here we go.

First up, we have the new Denzel Washington movie Safe House which looks like...well...a Denzel Washington movie. Always enjoy him as a villain, though.

Next up we've got the first look at 21 Jump Street which is honestly not at all what I expected. This can't be good, right?

Finally, we get our first look at The Lorax which could be a big family hit. Major props, too, for using a Polyphonic Spree song!


  1. wow. I've missed the Safe House trailer somehow. First I've seen it! Thanks! I like it. Looks like another good flick that I can finally enjoy Ryan Reynolds in again.

    Lorax = beautiful

    21 Jumpstreet...I'll pass.

    Great post today! Thanks for it!

  2. Really digging the look of The Lorax. Looks like it might actually be worth messing with 3D for a change.


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