Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Movie News Today

Check out this sweet new poster for John Carter of Mars and the first (?) one for Men in Black 3. Love the look of the JCM poster, not so much the MIB.

The Chronicles of Riddick sequel has officially received the needed funding and will restart production shortly. I know I'm in the vast minority here but I'm pretty stoked about the return of Riddick.

Cinema Blend has obtained a copy of playlist Cameron Crowe used to woo Matt Damon into working with him on We Bought a Zoo. Crowe is one of those celebrities that I'd like to be friends with, if for no other reason that he would absolutely KILL the playlist at awesome parties.

Steven Spielberg has tapped Jared Harris to play Ulysses S. Grant in his Abraham Lincoln biopic, scheduled to hit next Christmas. Love this choice and Lincoln is shaping up nicely.

The first trailer for The Hobbit will be attached to The Adventures of Tin Tin for American audiences. I've been debating whether or not I'd be seeing Tin Tin and this news has settled the matter.

The nominations for the Independent Spirit Awards (for movies with budgets under $20 million) were announced today and they look pretty good across the board. My big complaint? No Best Actor nomination for Joseph Gordon-Levitt's work in 50/50. Really, ISA? I expect he'll get shut out at the Academy Awards but how does he get left out here? Boooo.

Harrison Ford is being courted to play a major role in the upcoming Ender's Game adaptation which will star Asa Butterfield from Hugo. Love Ford, would enjoy seeing him return to space, but I have to be honest: I'm still not sure how Ender's Game can translate to the screen and still be good. I'm concerned.

Marshall and the Movies gives us his early Oscar nomination predictions. I'll have my own in a couple of weeks but check out his in the meantime. As a side note, if Gary Oldman doesn't get a nod this year, I will absolutely lose it. Let that be a warning, Academy.

Matt over at Cinema Slants takes a look back at the first three Muppet movies and gives his thoughts on them as a whole. Definitely worth a read.


  1. I'm with you on "Ender's Game." They'll have to basically write another story for the screen. The book was too internal for film. Then again, Card wrote a novel from the screenplay of "The Abyss," so maybe they can pull it off.

    I'm looking forward to "John Carter of Mars." In fact, I got the books on my Kindle to re-acquaint myself with them. They're not world-changing novels, but they're fun.

  2. I think The Hunger Games is going to be an interesting indicator of how Ender's Game can work. We'll see.

    The John Carter books are fun. I read a couple of them last year. Definitely interested and I love the look of that poster.

  3. I am really looking forward to the trailer for The Hobbit! one major reason for watching Tintin if any! :)

  4. Can't hardly wait to finally see that book unfold on screen.


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