Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Movie News Today

Check out this INCREDIBLE poster for December's We Bought a Zoo. Well done here, Hollywood! More of this, please.

Bradley Cooper joins George Clooney in NOT being Man From UNCLE. No way this film gets released next year, right?

First, Brett Ratner was fired as the director of the Academy Awards and now Eddie Murphy has dropped out as host. Couldn't care less about Ratner; go away forever, please. But Murphy...well, I'm disappointed in Murphy. I'm not a Murphy fan (more on this next week) but even I was looking forward to his turn as the host because it was his chance to prove that he still has something worth watching. Bad choice on his part.

John Likes Movies finishes up his countdown of 20 great movie scenes with one from Children of Men, a scene which I think might be one of the ten best ever.

City Lights makes a compelling case for Andy Serkis' Oscar credentials.

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