Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Movie News Today

Paramount has given up on remaking "Dune" and walked away from the acclaimed sci-fi series. Confession: despite my love for sci-fi, I must say that I think "Dune" sucks. The book itself is unreadable in my opinion. I've tried multiple times to fight through it and have never gotten further than 75 pages in. It's terrible. I've seen the original film and see the appeal of a remake: there are some excellent concepts therein. But seriously, there's a reason why it has been tossed about for decades now without making any headway towards production: unreadable books turn into unwatchable films.

Jeff Daniels has joined the cast of Aaron Sorkin's as-yet-untitled new HBO series revolving around a CNN-like network. I absolutely cannot wait for this show to debut.

Fritz and the Oscars reviews "Forrest Gump" and shares my opinion that this movie sucks. By the way, Fritz is working through every Best Picture winner right now and each entry is entertaining. Check it out.

Should I See It delivers a scathing review of "Red Riding Hood" and since I'm never going to see this, I figure his word is better than mine. Love this site, by the way.

Suspend Your Disbelief gives us his 5 favorite Gary Oldman bad guys. AWESOME.

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