Sunday, March 20, 2011

Movie News Today

Some footage from the final chapter of the "Harry Potter" saga hit the web yesterday. Being the Potter nerd that I am, I want to know as little about the film as possible so I'm avoiding the knowledge this video might give me. Nerd.

Speaking of nerd, shooting for "The Hobbit" started this weekend. Happy Hobbit day, nerds! I think I'm going to start re-reading the book today in honor of this historic event.

Celluloid Zombie gives a list of the top 10 directorial debuts and provides some truly inspired (and maybe even a bit unique) choices. Check it out.

Matt at Cinema Slants breaks down the critic backlash against "Battle: Los Angeles" (my review to come later this week).

Weekend Box Office Results
1. "Limitless" - $19 million
2. "Rango" - $15.32 ($92.58 million total)
3. "Battle: Los Angeles" - $14.6 ($60.6)
4. "The Lincoln Lawyer" - $13.4
5. "Paul" - $13.16
6. "Red Riding Hood" - $7.26 ($25.96)
7. "The Adjustment Bureau" - $5.93 ($48.78)
8. "Mars Needs Moms" - $5.32 ($15.4)
9. "Beastly" - $3.26 ($22.25)
10. "Hall Pass" - $2.6 ($39.59)


  1. I'll save you some anguish on the Harry Potter movie: Voldemort did it.

    Come on, you've read the book and you don't want to see the trailer?

  2. I'm looking forward to the trailer but I don't want to see any extra shots or behind the scenes stuff. I want the magic of Harry Potter to be as fresh as possible while I cry my way through the final chapter. Because I'm a nerd.


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