Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Movie News Today

Alcon ("The Blind Side") has acquired the rights to "Blade Runner," with an eye on making sequels, prequels, and maybe even a TV show. The nerd in me is excited by the proposition of expanding upon perhaps the second most influential sci-fi film of the last 35 years. The realist in me, however, has a feeling these projects will SUCK.

The Wall Street Journal has an interview with Amy Poehler...'s parents. Kind of fun.

Get Your Film Fix gives a compelling argument for why you should care that video stores are dying out. I'm in the vast minority these days, but there is still nothing quite like going to a rental store. I gave up on Blockbuster and their busted business model some time ago but the Family Video around the corner from me has become a weekly stop on my way home. Netflix is great and will be even greater if they ever figure out how to make some decent freaking movies available to us. But it just doesn't compare to the potpourri-feel of a video store.

Diane Lane will play Martha Kent in the upcoming "Superman" re-start. Not sure why, but I strongly dislike Lane. Oh well.

A Life in Equinox has a cool post on the movie quotes that stick with you and the words/events that set them off in your brain. Check it out.

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