Friday, March 18, 2011

Movie News Today

It's official: Jennifer Lawrence has been tabbed as Katniss for the "Hunger Games" series. As I said a couple of days ago, Lawrence doesn't fit the mold of Katniss as described in the book. However, I'm going to go the positive route on this choice and believe that the aging up of the characters will allow for the spirit and tone of the book to come through in a PG-13 setting. I'm not sure that would be possible with a group of minors. On top of that, Lawrence is an EXCELLENT actress and I kind of like that the filmmakers went with the best performer instead of the girl who fits the description best.

Darren Arnofsky will not direct the "Wolverine" sequel, saying that the project would keep him away from his family for too long. I wondered how this odd pairing was going to work out. Now I guess we'll never find out.

Liam Neeson will reprise his interpretation of Jack Bauer in "Taken 2" which will start filming later this year. Sure, he could probably make better quality movies but I am personally loving this popcorn flick run he's been on lately. I'm definitely in for this.

One day I'll stop caring about Val Kilmer and I won't inundate you dear readers with news of his dreadful career. But today is not that day. Iceman will take a turn as Wyatt Earp in a new Western that will surely suck but still might draw me in. I may need some sort of intervention.

The AV Club has a nice interview with Tom Colicchio and gives a behind the scenes look at "Top Chef." Big fan of the show and Colicchio himself and this is worth a read if you're in the same boat.

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