Monday, October 3, 2011

Movie News Today

I haven't been Movie News Todaying much lately for which I apologize. So much busyness right now but I'll be making more effort to get back to doing these posts two or three times a week. Bear with me in the meantime!

This broke on Sunday afternoon and I'll have a much bigger follow up later this week but in case you missed it: Arrested Development will be returning for a fourth season and a movie, all of which will start production sometime next year. Can't even begin to describe how happy this makes me. More to come later.

Kurt Russell will replace Kevin Costner in Tarantino's upcoming western, Django Unchained. Really bummed that Costner bowed out but Russell could be a good addition.

Kiefer Sutherland says that the script for his 24 movie is nearing completion. I'm currently rewatching the series right now and I've been reminded of the giant Jack Bauer-sized hole in my life. Hope this happens.

Slate has an outstanding article on the impact HBO has had on the quality of television programming. I co-sign this and will touch on it a bit in my upcoming Arrested Development love-fest.

Cinema Blend gives us a list of 10 great films that each had at least 5 Oscar nominees in the cast. Very cool.

John Likes Movies has begun a countdown of his 20 favorite scenes from the last 10 years with a clip from The Bourne Ultimatum and another from Road to Perdition (a favorite of mine). Check these out!

Matt, my colleague over at Cinema Slants, has joined the ranks at I Eat Films! We're very excited to have him aboard and hope you'll check out the work we're doing over there.

Weekend Box Office Results
Because I didn't get to it yesterday. I must admit I'm not surprised but I am very disappointed that no one went to see 50/50 this weekend. If you've got nothing going on during the week, I hope some of you will check it out. Very, very good film.

1. Dolphin Tale - $13.91 million ($37.18 million total)
2. Moneyball - $12.03M ($38M)
3. The Lion King - $10.61M ($79.21M)
4. Courageous - $9.06M
5. 50/50 - $8.64M
6. Dream House  - $8.13M
7. Abduction - $5.61M ($19.1M)
8. What's Your Number - $5.42M
9. Killer Elite - $4.92M ($17.5M)
10. Contagion - $4.91M ($64.57M)

The first trailer for Contraband has dropped. It opens in you know it's good.

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