Friday, July 22, 2011

Movie News Today

The new Superman movie, "Man of Steel", will vacate its 2012 date and move back to 2013. Still unsure as to what to expect from this film so I guess go ahead and take the extra time to make it awesome. Or not. Whatever. I don't believe in Zack Snyder.

Peter Jackson has posted another "Hobbit" video diary. Follow the links or search on Facebook.

Wired asks, "will "The Hobbit" get kids interested in reading?" Good read here and an interesting question. "The Hobbit" is my all-time favorite book and I would hope that once trailers and posters start getting released that kids will pick up the book.

Empire gives us seven "Star Wars" characters that could use their own spin off. Please make a Chewbacca film, George. Please.

Comic Con is happening in San Diego right now and I would give anywhere to be there. But since I'm not, Player Affinity has a solid recap of each day's news and events.

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