Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Movie News Today

How do you get me interested in a "Bourne" movie that doesn't involve Matt Damon? First you cast Jeremy Renner as Jason Bourne. Then you pull in Edward Norton as his enemy. So incredibly in.

Will Forte joins the cast of the ever changing "Rock of Ages." I love Forte, a lot, but I'm going to have to actually see some footage from this movie before I invest.

Movie Muse delivers his most surprising and disappointing movies of the year thus far. Check it out!

Matt over at Cinema Slants continues his "Summer of Spielberg" series with part two, which is all about blockbusters. I don't think I ever linked to part one which is also excellent.

Marshall and the Movies has seen the final "Harry Potter" film. I didn't really read this as I'm already bursting with excitement/emotion as it is but he seems pretty stoked with the final product.

The trailer for "Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows" is in and it looks delightful.

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