Friday, July 1, 2011

Movie News Today

Earlier this week we found out that "Fast Six" would open Memorial Day 2013. Today comes word that "Thor 2" will debut in July of 2013. "Thor" showed a lot of promise even if the finished product wasn't great. I'll be in for the sequel.

Disney will release "King of the Elves" in late 2013, too. Based on a Philip K. Dick short story, this was one of the projects that was slated for release some time ago but John Lasseter kicked it back to be revamped (like "Tangled") when he took over the studio. Interested.

Ben Foster is rumored to be joining the already incredible cast for "Prometheus." This thing has the makings of a classic...

Sportswriter Bill Simmons (probably my greatest writing influence) wrote an excellent piece on his site Grantland today concerning Ryan Reynolds, Will Smith, and the concept of movie stars. Great read.

Just a day after I pinpointed "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" as a movie I was thoroughly anticipating later this year and today a teaser trailer came down the pipes. So very, very excited!

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