Friday, June 24, 2011

New Movie Friday

"Cars 2" - Owen Wilson, Larry the Cable Guy, Michael Caine
The sequel (duh) to the 2006 hit, "Cars 2" finds Lightning McQueen (Wilson) and Mater (Guy) working as spies during a big race overseas. Let's be honest, kids. I love Pixar. I own all but one ("Ratatouille") of their films and I watch them probably more than any grown man who doesn't have children should. But other than the aforementioned "Ratatouille", "Cars" is my least favorite. I think it gets a bad rap because from a film standpoint, it's excellent, and many reputable critics/film lovers hate on it. But it's far less entertaining than the others. it doesn't hold up to a dozen rewatches like "Toy Story", "The Incredibles", or the always forgotten "Bug's Life." That in mind, I don't think I've ever been less excited about a Pixar film than I am with "Cars 2." I think I'll still see it because, hey, it is Pixar and you never know. But this concept sounds much more like a straight-to-DVD Disney feature than a standard Pixar release and the review have been pretty bad. Hope I'm wrong.

"Bad Teacher" - Cameron Diaz, Jason Segal, Justin Timberlake
All about a crappy teacher (Diaz) whose slacker ways are put to the test when she tries to woo the new guy in school (Timberlake). I've got friends that are highly interested in this and I admit the trailer has shown some potential. But for one, I'm not sure there's room for another R-rated comedy right now with "Bridesmaids" and "Hangover 2" still in theaters. And two, Cameron Diaz does NOTHING for me. I estimate I'd be 22% more interested in this if it was almost any other big name actress in the leading role. I do not get her appeal.

"Conan O'Brien Can't Stop" - Conan O'Brien
A documentary that followed Coco on his comedy tour of America following his firing from the Tonight Show. I absolutely cannot wait to see this film. It's been on my radar for some time and I'm completely and fully intrigued to check it out. Will it open anywhere near me is the question. Fingers crossed.

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