Friday, June 24, 2011

Movie News Today

Jason Patric will star in FX's new series "Powers" based upon a comic book about a community of superheroes. FX being on board for this gets me interested even if the superhero thing is starting to wear people out.

Collider has a great interview with Jason Segal from the set of the new "Muppet" movie. Can't wait!

Joel Courtney, fresh off his outstanding turn in "Super 8", will play Tom Sawyer in a new adaptation of the classic Twain book. This kid's career is about to BOOM.

Tarantino has picked Jamie Foxx as the lead in his spaghetti western "Django Unchained." I like Foxx but I admit, I was really digging the idea of Will Smith in this role.

Julia Ormond ("Dan in Real Life") is in talks to join Russell Crowe as the other half of Superman's parents in "Man of Steel." Interesting.


  1. "Powers" is actually centered on the exploits of a pair of police detectives who work in a new division of the force that deals exclusively with super-power related crime ("Powers" is the new "Homicide" or "Vice"). In the comics, the use of super powers is illegal (think The Incredibles), so you have the absent former heroes who have gone to ground in service of federal law, and you have the villains who just kept up business as usual. It was sheer brilliance page after page. I have hopes for the TV adaptation.

  2. I'm definitely interested. FX pretty much always gets it right. Jason Patric doesn't do much for me, though.


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