Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New DVD Tuesday

True Grit (2010) - Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Halee Steinfeld
The remake of the John Wayne classic, the Coen Brother's version of "True Grit" is much more faithful to the book and features one of the better adolescent performances in recent memory. I love love love this movie. It is honest, delightfully witty, and incredibly shot. It's possible that I overrated its place in the 2010 rankings but still, if you haven't seen "True Grit" I recommend doing so immediately.

Just Go With It (2011) - Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Brooklyn Decker
A plastic surgeon (Sandler) who uses a fake wedding ring to seduce women suddenly finds himself stuck in his biggest lie yet when he's forced to take on a Hawaiian vacation with his new flame (Decker) and his assistant (Aniston) who poses as his ex-wife. This movie got completely DESTROYED by critics and yet I must remain honest when I repeat my relative enjoyment. Perhaps it's all about expectations since I was convinced "Just Go With It" would be one of the five worst movie ever but you could do a LOT worse when it comes to throw-away comedies.

The Company Men (2010) - Ben Affleck, Chris Cooper, Kevin Costner
"Company" takes a look at the lives of several men who are laid off unexpectedly. I can't quite explain my interest in this film beyond the desire to see how Affleck follows "The Town" and my irrational appreciation for Costner, but I expect I'll rent this sometime soon. The reviews weren't overly positive but I'm still intrigued nonetheless.

Burn Notice: Season 4 (2010) - Jeffrey Donovan, Bruce Campbell, Gabrielle Anwar
I should state up front that, due to a host of DVR problems (thanks a bunch, Uverse), I missed the final 3 episodes of Season 4. But that said, seriously, there are very, VERY few TV shows that are better than "Burn Notice." I know, I was sceptical as well. The promos are cheesy, the concept seems tired, and honestly, who has faith in the USA Network when it comes to creating their own content? Stick to reruns of "Law and Order," USA! All of those thoughts have been proven false over the last 4 years. The stories are fun and usually fresh, the action is satisfying, and the acting is EXCELLENT and each character contains just a hint of self-awareness which works brilliantly. You know you have nothing to watch this summer so just do yourself a favor and check this show out.

Breaking Bad: Season 3 (2010) - Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul
Once I've wrapped up the NBA Finals (seriously crushing my free time right now; dominated my consciousness at all times), I'm catching up on "Mad Men." After "Mad Men," it's on the "Breaking Bad." So I've actually never seen a episode of this show but the word-of-mouth has been amazing.

Blu Ray Pick of the Week or Whenever I Feel Like Picking One
61* (2001) - Barry Pepper, Thomas Jane, Bruce McGill, Anthony Michael Hall
An HBO movie directed by Billy Crystal, "61*" is, perhaps strangely, my favorite sports movie of all time. Telling the story of Roger Maris, Mickey Mantle, and their quest for Babe Ruth's home run record in 1961, both Pepper (a favorite here at TSBO) and Jane are remarkable. Several moments bring out a sports tear every single time I watch this movie. Check. This. Out!

New to Blu
Superman: The Anthology Collection - Christopher Reeve, Brandon Routh, Gene Hackman
The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976) - Clint Eastwood, Sondra Locke, Chief Dan George
The Man Who Would Be King (1975) - Sean Connery, Michael Caine, Christopher Plummer
The Stunt Man (1980) - Peter O'Toole, Barbara Hershey

Also New
Another Year (2010) - Jim Broadbent, Lesley Manville
Sanctum (2011) - Richard Roxbrough, Ioan Gruffudd
White Collar: Season 2 (2010) - Matthew Bomer, Tim Dekay
Leverage: Season 3 (2010) - Timothy Hutton, Christian Kane, Gina Bellman
Pretty Little Liars: Season 1 (2011) - Holly Marie Combs, Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson
The Big C: Season 1 (2010) - Laura Linney, Oliver Platt

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