Monday, October 25, 2010

Movie News Today

FX has purchased the rights to a new series starring Elijah Wood. This sounds super quirky but if it's good enough for FX, it's usually good enough for me.

The Guardian discusses the merits of two of my all time favorites, Gary Oldman and Tim Roth.

Val Kilmer is joining with Francis Ford Coppola for a low budget horror/thriller called "Twixt Now and Sunrise." I know he doesn't deserve it but man I want Val Kilmer to be important again.

Cinema Blend discusses the possible villains for the second "Star Trek" movie. My Nerd Alert is screaming right now.

Tony Scott gives some details about "Top Gun 2" and dances around the topic of where exactly Maverick (Tom Cruise) will fit into the plot. Translation? Another reboot that will connect to the original in name only. Boo.

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