Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Movie News Today

Admittedly distracted this week. I haven't experienced playoff baseball for my team in a long, long time. The roller coaster of emotions that is having your team playing to go to the World Series has taken over my free time. I'm working on being better at multitasking my inane hobbies. Thank you for your support.

We knew this was coming when Disney acquired Marvel a few months back, but they have now officially secured the rights for "The Avengers" and "Iron Man 3."

Mel Gibson will make a cameo appearance in "The Hangover 2", just like Mike Tyson did in the original. Cannot begin to describe what a GENIUS move this is for Gibson. Tyson's role in "Hangover" and Tom Cruise's turn in "Tropic Thunder" revamped the careers of both. He may be a scummy dude but he's got smart people around him.

Do you want to own a real life TIE Fighter? Of course I do!

"The Incredibles" will finally hit blu ray next Spring! I believe "Finding Nemo" should debut next month which means all of the Pixar films will soon be available in this format.

My colleague Univarn over at A Life in Equinox reviews "Red" and since I'm not likely to have time to get to this anytime soon, I thought I'd pass along his "pretty good" review.

In "Are You Reading My Diary, Hollywood" news, Amrie Hammer of "Social Network" fame has let slip that the new Superman will be middle aged. Why does this matter? Because John Hamm, who literally IS Superman without the special powers (as far as we know), is likely to get the role. Finally, Hollywood.

Robert Downey, Jr. is being courted for a movie adaptation of the nonfiction memoir "Emergency!" If it's good enough for Downey, it's good enough for me.

And because I know you're all Pixar Freaks like me, here's the teaser trailer for "Cars 2."

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