Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Movie News Today

Den Of Geek gives us some of Hollywood's most interesting flops from the past 25 years. Always love these kinds of posts.

The sequel to 2009's smash hit "Star Trek" may get pushed from its late June (2012) release date back to December. This movie has seen quite a few delays to this point so, as much as I'd like to see it in the summer so that I can fully dedicate December 2012 to "The Hobbit," getting it right is much more important. Take your time.

Vin Diesel and I have something in common: we're apparently the only members of the Riddick fan club. "Pitch Black" is a sci-fi horror homage of great value and I actually really like "Chronicles of Riddick" which is definitely not a favorite among most movie buffs. Diesel said today that the third film in this series will begin production in the summer. I'm totally in.

Toby Jones and (wait, what?) Lenny Kravitz have been added to the cast of "The Hunger Games." Really with the Lenny Kravtiz nonsense? Foolish, in my opinion, to take a cast of relatively unknown, young actors and add in a rock star for good measure. Blerg.

And finally, please enjoy the following trailer which is maybe the best one in recent memory. Genius. Just genius.

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