Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Grrr Blogger

Contrary to popular belief, I haven't suffered some Tarantino-esque fate. Like many of you out there, I was seriously messed over by Blogger's recent technical issue. Though they continue to tell me that "almost all posts have been restored," all of mine, including a couple of reviews that I had canned and unpublished, have yet to reappear. I am hesitant to put any time into this until I'm sure as to whether my posts will be coming back or not. I guess I'll probably start again next week regardless of what happens but I'm trying to give Blogger time to get this mess squared away. From a blogging standpoint, the only thing more frustrating than losing content would be re-writing said content only to have it reappear the next day. So please forgive the quiet of the last week.

Some Brief Reviews since it kind of kills me these days to see a movie without writing about them:

"Restrepo" - Wow. Kind of glad that my review got wiped away, honestly, because I struggled coming up with words to summarize this documentary and feel I can do better the second time around. Tough viewing.

"Get Low" - Good performances and a cool story but "slow" is an understatement. Just not a whole lot happens. Grade: B

"Bridesmaids" - The female "Hangover" had me laughing as hard if not harder than virtually any movie of the last few years. Kristen Wiig is outstanding. A few extended scenes that should have been shortened and a missed plot point here and there held it back for me but only slightly. Grade: B+

"The Way Back" - During WWII, a group of prisoners in a Siberian gulag walk over 4,000 miles to freedom in India. Solid acting and an interesting story but the virtual lack of anything resembling emotional connection really keeps it from reaching its potential. Grade: B-


  1. I was wondering where you went. I started to call you a slacker, but then I remembered I haven't updated my blog since October . . .


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