Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Movie News Today

The Golden Globe Nominations were announced today and while the voters gave six nods to the critical failure "The Tourist," they some how managed to bypass "True Grit" altogether. In other news, the Golden Globes suck. Also, "Alice in Wonderland" is neither a comedy nor a musical. Just needed to put that on the record.

The New York Times sat down with the brilliant Coen brothers to discuss "True Grit." Great read. delivers a guide to geeky Christmas programs. Any list that includes the "Star Wars" Christmas special and "Gremlins" is alright in my book.

John Favreau will not direct "Iron Man 3." Just a warning, kids: this is the type of thing that sends a solid franchise into a free fall. Not saying "Iron Man 3" will suck but it's just so difficult to maintain the spirit of previous films when you bring in a new guy to helm the project.

Adam Sandler has two new projects in the works and both sound like they could be really funny or truly awful.

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  1. I was glad to see Claymation Christmas in the geek list. That's one I have and will watch on occasion.

    The Sandler flicks both look like real losers. Then again, I'm not a big Sandler fan.


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