Thursday, December 9, 2010

Movie News Today

Ridley Scott has titled his first "Alien" prequel film "Paradise" and is now looking for a cast.

Because idiots like me went to see "Clash of the Titans", there is now a sequel in the work and Liam Neeson will return as Zeus. Beating.

Yesterday it was Cate Blanchett and today it's Orlando Bloom returning to the Peter Jackson fold to work on "The Hobbit." And again I say, these movies cannot get here fast enough.

Anomalous Material gives us 8 actors who deserve better roles. The list includes the great Barry Pepper and the even greater Nathan Fillion so, yeah, I'm going to pass it on.

I'm not entirely sure why I can't get excited for Danny Boyle's "127 Hours" but A Life in Equinox has and his review pushes me closer to wanting to see it.


  1. You know the drum I constantly beat: Leave the book alone. But I can see bringing Legolas into the Hobbit. It would be pretty natural considering that the Dwarves and Bilbo are held captive in the Wood Elves' cells. Whether they work Legolas into the story without doing harm to it remains to be seen.

    As for Galadriel, that's a real stretch from the book. I suspect they want to have a strong female character, since the characters in the book are all male. I hope they can work her into the story seamlessly. I like Cate Blanchet.

  2. Jackson has earned some leeway for me. I have a feeling both of them will be used more in the second movie that's more of a bridge between Hobbit and LOTR. All sounds good to me!


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