Thursday, August 5, 2010

Movie News Today

Never been a big Grateful Dead fan but here's some advice for the makers of a Jerry Garcia biopic: if you lose the rights to the music, just stop right there. Your film is dead whether you actually proceed with production or not.

Speaking of projects that probably should be left behind, Terry Gilliam's "Don Quixote" has run into yet another speed bump. I respect Gilliam a lot and his latest film, "Dr. Parnassus", is wonderful. But this is a passion project that is never going to happen, at least on the scale that Gilliam envisions.

Tony Scott is in talks to take over a production of the John Grisham novel "The Associate." Scott is a bit hit or miss but it's been a while since someone took on one of Grisham's work and I for one think it's way past due.

Viggo Mortensen and Amy Adams have joined a production of Jack Kerouac's "On the Road." There has been some grumbling about whether this book needs to be adapted or not but if it's pulling Mortensen and Adams, there's a good chance it could be strong to quite strong.

"Road to Perdition" (which debuted on Blu-Ray this week) has a sequel in the works. I love "Perdition." One of my 50 favorite movies of all time. In no way, however, is a sequel needed nor would it make any sense as it would have almost no connection to the original film. Boo.

And in the worst news of the day, Stephen Sommers (easily one of the five worst directors in Hollywood) has agreed to make a sequel to last summer's abortion "G.I. Joe." Because, you know, when a movie is overwhelmingly hated by audiences and critics alike, you've just got to bring back the whole gang for another go round. Kill me.

The BBC brings us 20 films that make grown men cry. Being the sensitive, weepy guy that I am, I'd agree with about half of these. But any list like this that doesn't include "Saving Private Ryan" should be questioned strongly.

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