Monday, August 16, 2010

Box Office Monday!

I'm not sure whether to be proud of this or not, but I helped "The Expendables" top the box office this weekend. Review to come in the next few days but suffice it to say, it's exactly what you'd expect. Epically bad on some levels, complete genius on others. The Lady of the Box Office (aka my wife) helped "Eat Pray Love" come in second and tonight we both helped "Scott Pilgrim"... well, we didn't help "Scott Pilgrim" too much because it bombed pretty miserably. Sad, because it was pretty darn solid and INCREDIBLY original. Still, lots of money spent this week at the box office. Respectable totals for this time of year.

1. "The Expendables" - $35 million
2. "Eat Pray Love" - $23.7
3. "The Other Guys" - $18 ($70 million total)
4. "Inception" - $11.4 ($248.6)
5. "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" - $10.5
6. "Despicable Me" - $6.8 ($222)
7. "Step Up 3-D" - $6.6 ($29.7)
8. "Salt" - $6.4 ($103.6)
9. "Dinner for Schmucks" - $6.3 ($58.8)
10. "Cats and Dogs 2" - $4.1 ($35.1)

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