Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer Break

Good day, dear reader(s)! Thanks for stopping by. As you may have noticed, there's not a lot happening around here these days. That's because I'm moving. No, I'm not talking about moving the site (though that is in the offing as well), I mean actually, physically packing up all of my valuables (read: "junk") and moving them to another location where I am now in the process of unpacking all those valuables. If you've ever moved before you know what an absolute, soul-sucking, energy-draining process it really is. I had intended to be back to writing this week but with a lack of Internet until very recently and a need to make the new house a livable space (not to mention buying groceries and having a meal that doesn't come with a styrofoam cup), I'm not ready to come back yet. More importantly, anything I do write this week would undoubtedly be even further below average than my usual content. All that to say, I'm taking the week off but promise to come back with at least some renewed vigor. Or something. I'm pretty much running on fumes at this point. I couldn't even come up with a clever title or picture to put in this space. Sue me. Anyway, thanks for sticking around, hope to see you all next week.


  1. Look forward to your return. It's never fun packing. Yuck. I just helped a friend of mine move. Down 17 stairs...only to go up 19 stairs in another apartment.

    It was okay, until we had to move the frontload washers and dryers.

    Be safe my friend.

  2. Yuck, no fun at all. I hired movers this time around. But it's the first time we've moved since we got married 3 years ago so the accumulation of stuff was staggering. Glad everything is moved in, now it's just unpacking! I'll be around your site this week catching up.


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